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June 11 2024 Python+ncurses, Raspberry Pi Ltd, EMF Camp, Alexa

Posted on June 11, 2024
( 3 minute read )

Bernie has been working on a console based interface which he can use with SSH to manage devices controlled through the Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface (INDI) using Python and the ncurses library.

In the specific example he demonstrated, he sent a new target to change the temperature. But in practice, by setting vectors to be values, you can have the controls to manage multiple devices, as long as there is a driver for the device. It can be used with any instrument though Bernie has in mind those using INDI.

It is specifically a server/client system rather than a network system though it can connect to another server. Messages are sent using MQTT. He demonstrated a Raspberry Pi running both the server and the client.

Steve has used Python to develop a keypad which you can use with any machine. After he had developed it, he had asked ChatGPT to write the Python to see what it came up with. To make the keypad he had used wire wrapping as, like enamel wire, when you solder it, it melts the wire.

It was noted that the Raspberry Pi IPO had taken place at lunchtime; this relates to Raspberry Pi Ltd, in which the Raspberry Pi Foundation has shares, becoming Raspberry Pi Holdings PLC. This prompted a discussion of where the Raspberry Pi could go next without becoming a direct competitor to the conventional PC. It was noted that there is the Pico W microcontroller and the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W which comes with wi-fi.

David drew attention to the episode at the EMF camp Camp where someone left two round metal boxes in the junk SwapShop intended for detecting ionising radiation; in ten minutes someone who works in the nuclear industry identified them and someone in suitable protective gear arrived to take charge of the radioactive material. They put out a message asking for the donor to let them know if there were any others [and the donor subsequently confirmed that they were the only ones]. David also mentioned the occasion when someone had left an unmarked keyboard for people to discover. It only happened to be controlling the lasers at the entertainment.

Brian has added Alexa to Home Assistant.