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May 14 2024 systemd, tailscale, Raspberry Pi Connect

Posted on May 17, 2024
( 2 minute read )

As we were not able to have the expected presentation, we just discussed things we had encountered.

David noted the takeover of sudo by systemd.

Mike enquired about loading tailscale onto his Huawei smartphone and was recommended to use F-Droid.

Bernie mentioned Raspberry Pi Connect, which is currently in beta but promises a secure peer-to-peer connection between the web browser and the Raspberry Pi using the WebRTC protocol.

Bernie also shared some of his experiences on a University of the Third Age online class aimed at helping people with various IT problems, some of which might be alleviated by companies recognising that not everyone is IT literate or understands the latest changes to their interface.

Mike mentioned his plan of networking his home and studio computers to enable them to back each other up which reminded John of Tandem Computers which guaranteed fault tolerance by having two completely separate systems able to hold the same data. One of the IT companies in the Twin Towers had survived 9/11 because there was a copy of everything it had on its computers in the Twin Towers in another location 400 miles away.

Bernie drew attention to the Wuthering Bytes Festival in Hebden Bridge from Friday, 23 August to Saturday, 31 August 2024; the Festival Day talks are usually interesting; last year there had been one on all the different types of telephone exchanges and in a previous year there had been one on the history of ICL.

Thereafter the conversation moved to less computer related topics like fibre content.