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March 12 2024 code golf, KDE6,YubiKey, MODX, pfSense

Posted on March 14, 2024
( 3 minute read )

Bernie had circulated a Python3 script to address the first of the challenges set by Darren at the previous meeting.

Text of Bernie’s scriptOutput of Bernie’s script
Text and output of Bernie’s script

The inclusion of an f"<string>" in Bernie’s script prompted a discussion of f"<string>"s. Bernie explained that you can include a variable within a brace in the string and also that you can use a format specifier followed by a : in the brace. David noted that every language has different format specifiers; C got them from the Fortran format operator.

Steve reported that he has been trying out KDE6 but he could not see many differences except in the settings.

Bernie showed how he was able to access Google Drive on Nemo.

He had mentioned having a YubiKey and David commented that he had had Yubikey for several years; he had also had a Google key but they had found a security flaw it and it had been recalled. Bernie also has a Google Titan Security Key; though it has given up on Bluetooth, it works on NFC and USB and gets him in everywhere. Steve asked what happened if you lose it and Bernie said that most sites ask for two options; it is generally offered as an alternative to other forms of 2FA.

David asked if people were aware that the Raspberry Pi Store in the Victoria Centre, Leeds, was still there.

Mike shared problems he had had with website software and John suggested to have a look at MODX which works differently from most website software and supports the very latest HTML features.

Steve demonstrated the pfSense firewall/router which he uses to manage access to devices in his household including all the children’s devices for which he is able to implement various restrictions.

Bernie showed another hedgehog video after which the conversation diverged from software to making yoghurt, sourdough and kefir in the course of which Mike recommended Katz, Sandor Ellix (2012) The art of fermentation Chelsea Green Publishing 978 1 6035 8286 5.

Mike brought things back to software by mentioning that he has been using Rawtherapee as a plugin for GIMP which prompted the comment that image processing in Unix had originally relied on memory but now relies on CPU and GPU.