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November 14 2023 Book publishing: LaTeX and Scribus

Posted on November 15, 2023
( 2 minute read )

Transport problems prevented two members arriving and delayed the start of the first of our planned quarterly face-to-face meetings; we began with a couple of news items.

Bernie reported that there was a pop-up Raspberry Pi shop in the Victoria Centre in Leeds. Buying them from a shop was a bit different from ordering them online!

John reported on three recent changes to HTML and CSS:

John had added rounded corners on his website but found that not all browsers support them yet.

John then went on to give the planned presentation on Creating and publishing a book with FOSS which filled the rest of the time.

FutureĀ meetings

At our previous meeting Brian had suggested that we move from Jitsi to Discord for meetings and the rest of the meeting was taken up with installing Discord on computers and smartphones and discovering that you could use it happily in Firefox. However, Discord requires people to sign in, one of the reasons why we moved from Jitsi meet to Calyx meet.

Subsequent online discussion led to the decision to move to quarterly face-to-face meetings with a presentation about a specific topic interspersed with online meetings. So the December and January meetings will be online meetings.