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September 12 2023 Fifteenth birthday, Let’s encrypt, Home assistant, ESPHome

Posted on September 14, 2023
( 1 minute read )

John started to present the Fifteenth Birthday presentation but did not notice when his notebook needed plugging into the mains and ended up describing it rather than presenting it! David S mentioned that David Carpenter is using Oracle Cloud Free Tier. He also mentioned a problem with the Let’s Encrypt challenge; having set up auto-renew for a domain, he set up a manual challenge for a sub-domain but, when he wanted to change it to auto-renew, he found that the Let’s Encrypt database had it down as a manual renew and would not let him set up auto-renew.

Brian then did a lengthy presentation of various Home Assistant features which he was using including ESPHome to which David contributed.

Unfortunately, connection problems prevented any further meaningful communication.