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June 14 2022 ESP32-Cam, Asterisk and Raspberry Pi

Posted on June 17, 2022
( 1 minute read )

David showed how far he had got using his 3D printer to create the ESP32-Cam Pan&Tilt as described in the Random Nerd Tutorials which he had first mentioned at the January meeting. He demonstrated the USB plug he had made working as intended.

Oliver commented that he had not used Jitsi and recommended noisetorch to improve the audio.

Brian had originally had a Raspberry Pi 1 running Asterisk 11 to provide a PBX which enabled him to receive messages but until recently had been taking advantage of EU wide roaming instead; as that had come to an end as UK providers abandoned EU wide roaming, he had been looking to recreate his original setup.

He had tried using Chan_dongle and the FreePBX for the Raspberry Pi but they were out-of-date and he could not find everything that needed installing.

Oliver wondered about trying chan-dongle-extended. fwconsole allows console based installation.