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April 20 2022 Shi looks back on IT Stuff

Posted on April 20, 2022
( 2 minute read )

Shi writes:

It has been great creating the shows with the other Stuffers (heh) who have become some of my most favouritest peeps.

Firstly, wow ā€” we managed seven years worth of consistent (lol) unadulterated tech comedy opinion-based content, about 87 or more episodes in total.

Iā€™m really proud to have done that, no matter how embarrassing it can sound when I listen to the episodes again (and I still do sometimes).

The pandemic allowed me time to re-prioritise and rest ā€” losing close friends to the virus took a toll.

Ultimately, I decided to scale back all BCB activities and that, unfortunately included IT Stuff.

For me personally, each episode of IT Stuff took a lot of time to prepare and create; from collating links and media from everyone involved via various channels and researching what news item and things to talk about between shows, then desk driving and hosting during shows, to producing and editing furiously to upload the shows in time.

Then comes the enormous work of putting all that content online to the website and archive.org, not including the maintenance of said website, playlists and github repos ~ it was probably too much work thinking about it now but I enjoyed the experience!

I think I burnt out at the end and all motivation fizzled away, like spilled soda pop on hot asphalt.

In any case, many thanks to everyone who got involved and helped out along the way.

To those that tuned in, I really hope you enjoyed what we made.

PS: If you haven't tuned in yet, I recommend this episode as a starter :}