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May 11 2021 Home Assistant, Bluetooth, hedgehogs, Xubuntu 20.4

Posted on May 15, 2021
( 3 minute read )

David had set up Home Assistant in a Docker container. There are four ways to install Home Assistant:

David had chosen the Docker container because it doesn’t involve a new OS though Brian argued for the principle: one computer, one job — one reason why he has about 13 Raspberry Pis.

Display of Home Assistant Control Panel

Brian had set up an LXC container with Firefox and then tried to ssh into the container. He put up his control panel.

Display of Home Assistant Control Panel

David put up his control panel, commenting that each had everything the other did not and that, using the Integration feature, it had found his router.

He shared some of the graphs it generated and went on to say that he was hoping to link it to his 3D printer to show the temperatures and the scheduling of the print. He also plans to link it to Deluge.

Brian commented that using a VPN prevents people from detecting a torrent; David commented that he has got WireGuard.

Brian added that he plans to link the particulate detector to Home Assistant to turn on the fan and also to the air filter.

Brian said that he had been surprised at how well Bluetooth worked over a distance and went for a walk around his flat to show all the devices which he had connected and the distance.

Bernard shared four more hedgehog clips showing hedgehogs fighting over access to the food; where one rolled in a ball the other would roll it away.

David then attempted some remote assistance to John W who was getting an error message every time he tried to upgrade from Xubuntu 18.4 to Xubuntu 20.4. After trying a range of options including:

apt autoremove
apt clean
apt dist-upgrade



among others, all of which ended up with the same error, David guided John in sending over the logs which revealed that there were irreconcilable python conflicts. So the only solution would appear to be reinstallation.

Darren entertained us with a new Jitsi background after which Bernard and John W joined in.