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January 12 2021 LXD, openstack, 3D printing

Posted on January 16, 2021
( 3 minute read )

Brian, John W, Bernard, David, Darren and John H joined the meeting this month. Brian began by describing some of the neighbour trouble he was having before

Bernard demonstrated how the content of the four projects contained in LXD containers on the Webparametrics website

Output of lxc list showing the specifications of the four LXD containers

was served to the web using nginx for the VPS as described on GitHub:

Diagram of the links between the nginx server and the four LXD containers

The MQTT broker service enables projects to communicate if required and Git capability is included so that projects on GitHub can be easily cloned on the VPS.

He highlighted the instructions for installing certificates from Let’s Encrypt, noting in particular the line beginning certbot which allows you to specify all the URLs in one go. Using certbot also allows you to set up automatic renewals.

Instructions for setting up Let’s Encrypt certificates

Finally, he noted that Git has changed from using master to using main to get away from master/slave terminology.

Darren shared the work he was doing in cloud computing with openstack as ‘infrastructure as a service.’ It just needs hardware plus a small amount of software which can be supplemented with modules according to need.

He demonstrated using the Horizon Dashboard module for configuring openstack and how you could use the GUI to add an instance to the cloud network.

Brian mentioned a device he had got from AliExpress which uses mobile signals rather than the Internet to connect with devices, thus avoiding the need to have an Internet connection in the UK.

He also mentioned that he had got a Realme 7 Pro smartphone; Realme is a spinoff from Oppo.

David showed the heater he had bought to get the resin warm enough for his 3D resin printer. Mentioning by chance that he had two 3D printers, he explained that one was a resin printer and the other a filament printer; the latter can use different plastics, including ABS, but you need a high temperature extruder for ABS.