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October 13 2020 ssh, systemd, Codewars, Sphinx and LoRa

Posted on October 16, 2020
( 2 minute read )

Brian shared the problems he was having connecting over ssh behind carrier grade NAT. A number of possible solutions were discussed including using wireguard or socat or following the SSH Port Forwarding Example and the problem was eventually solved.

Bernard shared once more (see the November 2018 meeting) how Brian could create a systemd service in order to start the program on boot.

Darren shared the D program he had written to solve the Codewars Disguised sequence using a loop rather than recursion; the disguised sequence turned out to be the powers of two.

Bernard demonstrated using reStructuredText to document python programs and then using Sphinx to convert the documentation into HTML. He has also added a webhook to his GitHub repository to update the documentation in Read the Docs whenever he makes a change.

Darren mentioned that the Open University is moving to HTML5 video which John said is very straightforward; the only complication is that the original idea had been to support a single format but this was not acceptable to all parties and so a number of different formats are supported.

Brian showed the IC chip and antenna he had bought for a LoRa network and challenged people to guess how far it would transmit; if fact, it can transmit over several Kilometres because it transmits only small amounts of data and so is ideal for monitoring and similar tasks which only involve small amounts of data being transmitted periodically. With a LoRaWAN, it can connect to the Internet.