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August 11 2020 Microtik OS, Dlang, virtualisation and Anaconda cloud

Posted on August 12, 2020
( 2 minute read )

Brian shared a number of problems he was having configuring a VPN with the Microtik router OS; the only suggestion people could make was to use Wireguard instead for what he wants. Brian also mentioned that he had had a look at Boxee Smart DNS as a possible way forward.

There was a brief sharing of experiences with Radio Garden which gives access to radio stations all over the world.

Darren shared his experiences of coding more in Dlang.

Brian described the lengthy procedures he has to go though in Spain for certificates to do anything, including the fact that he needed to use Firefox ESR, the version of Firefox which is only updated once a year. He also shared all the complications of getting a driving licence in Spain and the confusion over the impact that would have on the validity of his UK licence.

John mentioned that he had been experimenting with kvm, qemu and libvirt and had used virt-manager to install a Spanish OS which came with Firefox ESR.

Brian said he had seen virtual hosting using kvm or OpenVZ but found that OpenVZ would not accept lots of small files.

Nick is using Anaconda Cloud at work to support data scientists; it is fully self contained and allows you to use Python and R to support your work.

They make use of the Lustre filesystem used for high performance computing.

Thereafter discussion turned to Covid-19 and the benefits or otherwise of the various types of masks.