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June 9 2020 Linux on Lenovo and the Hedgehog diner

Posted on June 10, 2020
( 2 minute read )

Darren drew attention to the announcement that Lenovo will be supporting Linux across its range with Ubuntu and RedHat and providing full web support. John mentioned that the number of Linux desktops connected to the Internet had now overtaken the number of XP desktops and was approaching the number of Windows 7 desktops; however, there was a long way to go to overtaking the number of Windows 8 desktops.

David, not being satisfied with one 3D printer, showed us his second one that he had just assembled.

Bernard said that they had been able to confirm that it was a hedgehog that was visiting their garden. During the fine weather he had set up a Raspberry Pi camera illuminated by 12 infra-red LEDs and triggered by a PIR which took 40 second bursts of film from which they had around four minutes of film of the hedgehog eating the food and taking a drink.

Plate and box under some bushes
Hedgehog diner
PIR to left with LEDs below and camera above
Raspberry Pi camera

Brian had recently installed Fedora, having had a problem with the openSUSE network installer.

John discovered, thanks to help with various experiments, that the problems he was having with his audio were caused by two things: using his headphones which, being smartphone headphones, probably do not play well with a computer headphone socket and that chromium was automatically changing the microphone volume as he spoke. [Afterwards he discovered a setting in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf which is supposed to disable this behaviour.]