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November 13 2018 systemd, Vokoscreen, ITStuff Meet

Posted on November 16, 2018
( 2 minute read )

Mike asked about getting a new computer on which to install Linux and John suggested he have a look at PCSpecialist in Wakefield from whom Brian had obtained a laptop which he was very happy with.

Bernard then demonstrated setting up services in systemd. First you create the program you wish to run; then you create a service file with the permissions 644 at /lib/systemd/system/myfile.service where myfile is the name of the program you wish to run.

The only difference between service files is between those run by root and those run by a user in which case an additional entry specifying the user is needed.

Bernard demonstrated the main commands and then ran the commands in an LXD container as described in the September 2018 meeting.

John demonstrated the Vokoscreen screen recorder which he had found for a friend who had moved from Windows to Linux.

We decided to have a festive meal at at Wetherspoons in Centenary Square.

David C reported that he had just finished moving an installation from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8; they had missed out Drupal 7 because of a significant change in architecture in 8 which meant that moving to Drupal 7 would have been no help.

Finally we all moved to Studio 3 to record the next edition of IT Stuff.