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October 9 2018 Zim, PulseAudio, Review and Vivaldi Meet

Posted on October 09, 2018
( 2 minute read )

Brian shared a problem he had with KDE Activities; there was a Default activity on the desktop but, while it was possible to give the activity a blank name, it was not possible to remove the icon identifying it.

He also mentioned a problem with File Associations for which he had downloaded a separate program but John was able to show him System Settings->Applications->File Associations which allows full configuration of file associations.

He then shared Zim, which calls itself a ‘desktop wiki’ and which he is using for his notes, noting that he was only able to apply one style to text; John suggested that that might be because it was using separate fonts for bold, italic etc. rather than a compositing font.

The Search function quickly finds notes containing the key word(s).

He then shared his experiences of using the PulseAudio networking facilities; to do this, you need to install:

You can then stream or pipe audio between different devices on a network by configuring the various programs on the server and on the other devices.

Brian also mentioned that he had had a problem with the command line prompt when he installed some software and discovered chsh which allows you to change the command line prompt.

John presented the belated review of the year (our tenth) and this led us back to Tony’s presentation on Let's Encrypt and Certbot in January 2018. Brian also mentioned that he hadn’t been able to get the new podcasts to download automatically when they went on ITStuff.

Darren said he had not been able to install Vivaldi from SlackBuilds but had been able to install it satisfactorily from the Vivaldi website.

He noted the long list of pre-installed Bookmarks, the Start Page, the SpeedDial tab, the numerous Settings options including Themes and Search engines to which John added Yandex and then used it to find BradLUG.

Brian asked about the Notes option and John demonstrated copying and pasting text and an image into a note and then searching on it.