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September 11 2018 JACK, Ogg Camp and LXD Meet

Posted on September 23, 2018
( 2 minute read )

David C joined us briefly to share progress on open sourcing BCB; he has been able to set up JACK using Rotter as the audio logger.

Brian shared his experiences of the well-attended Ogg Camp 18 which included encountering QuidsUp, Martin Wimpress, Alan Pope, Simon Phipps and Ben Nuttall. He had asked Simon about the possibility of LibreOffice on the Raspberry Pi; he said that they were not developing 32 bit versions which are what is needed for most versions of the Raspberry Pi.

Brian also pointed out how much easier it is to use Gnome Disks to copy images, for example, to a Raspberry Pi, than using dd.

Alan Pope and Martin Wimpress discuss Ogg Camp 18 on Ubuntu Podcast 26.

Bernard shared his experience of setting up Linux containers using LXD which builds on the existing lcx tools and liblxc. He noted that Docker used to use liblxc but no longer does. Also Docker is more application focused that OS focused. LXD provides a set of tools to create system containers. The documentation is available from Linux containers and LXD.

It is available for Ubuntu/Mint and snaps are available for other distributions. It is command line only and you select the appropriate image using lxc, for example,

lxc image list images:

lists the available images to install. You can create and delete multiple images as long as you give each a unique name. You can also run Docker apps within LXD, something Bernard demonstrated for us. Full details are in Bernard’s presentation.