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May 8 2018 Joplin, Reaper, Yandex and Tiny Tiny RSS Meet

Posted on May 15, 2018
( 4 minute read )

Brian showed us his new laptop from PCSpecialist running Linux Mint with Cairo Dock and recalled that he had been looking for a replacement for Tomboy because it does not synchronise well and cannot show anything other than text. He had found Joplin which uses Markdown and, following a recent request, now has a search within notes feature.

He noted in passing that:

He then drew attention to KDEConnect which allows you to use your smartphone as a mouse, copy the clipboard and transfer files and noted that a Gnome version is being developed and also to Pastebin and its command line alternative Pastebinit.

He also mentioned the Linux Mint backup tool option to create a list of installed packages which can be used to install the packages needed for a new installation.

He drew attention to the Cast option in the Chromium settings.

He wondered about the option of using for BCB the Linux version of Reaper which is available for download from Landoleet. David C commented that there are a number of similar programs, among them Ardour.

He drew attention to the fact that you can add Yandex as a search engine to Firefox, to the Containers Extension for Firefox allowing you to isolate browsing sessions, to the Privacy Badger extension for Firefox, Chromium and Opera and to the Pocket option in Firefox which saves links to the Pocket app on your smartphone.

He mentioned the DuckDuckGo bangs which allow you to specify the search provider with !gy for example for Google and the option to add /ncr to a URL in Chromium to prevent Google from trying to translate it.

Darren reported that his final exam for the Open University course involves presenting a portfolio of his best work; John H said that what the Open University would be looking for was not a regurgitation of the course but what he specifically had learnt from it.

He raised a problem he had had running OpenOffice/LibreOffice in Slackware because a libpng14 dependency was missing which David S said he would investigate.

He commented that the Open University had got people to use Ubuntu in a Windows VM which had not shown Ubuntu in a good light!

David S shared Tiny Tiny RSS which he had found after Google Reader and various other aggregators had closed down; it needs its own server and Postgres and you have to use a Git clone to install it.

Brian shared a program which allows you to download the music of a YouTube video and David C mentioned that youtube-dl has an option, among a great many, to extract just the audio from a video.

Darren rounded off the evening by demonstrating some programs he had written in D to demonstrate Reverse Polish notation.