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April 10 2018 i3, Vimium, qutebrowser, Vivaldi and Wireguard Meet

Posted on April 15, 2018
( 1 minute read )

Oliver shared his recent experiences of the i3 tiling window manager. It is very easy to flip between tiles and between tiles in different workspaces which makes it easy to move between different terminals. i3 has a lot of add-ons but mostly they add bling.

This has been part of a search for applications which do not need a mouse. For example, the Vimium extension enables Chromium and Firefox to navigate web pages using Vim-like keystrokes.

He has also been trying out the qutebrowser which uses Vim-like key bindings.

Previously he had used Tmux for which there are several Vim plugins.

Following on from qutebrowser,

John showed the new Opera based Vivaldi browser in which he happened to have left a demonstration of the new CSS flex container.

This led into a discussion of the state of browsers and whether Project Xanadu (c. 1960) would have offered a better line of development for the Internet. (David S thought not!)

Oliver shared the sorry story of his Bitcoin investments, somewhat ironic as he had introduced us to Bitcoin in June 2011! More positively, he was able to report that Wireguard had found its way into the Linux kernel — see the presentation to the kernel devs.