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April 10 2017: Creating a Git Repository Meet

Posted on May 08, 2017
( 2 minute read )

We welcomed Ben, a Python programmer from Cambridge, who was on a working trip to West Yorkshire.

Brian asked about notetaking apps because Tomboy was no longer synchronising properly. He would prefer a web-based app and had looked at Minimatch which uses NPM.

This provoked a discussion about developers dropping features.

Then, while David S led a private discussion at one end of the room,

Alice demonstrated creating a local Git repository for the BradLUG website. Though John had been able to create such a repository at the earlier meeting, now that all the website content had been added, his installation was now missing a lot of dependencies.

In order to make the Github implementation of Jekyll work on his machine, John had to install ruby-devel, gcc, zlib, libxml and nodejs. Then running as root

gem install bundle

installed everything else that was needed.

Next, John had to log in to Github and create a fork of the site, providing an SSH key for his fork.

Then, running as user on the local machine, he entered:

git clone git@github.com:john-hudson/bradlug.github.io.git
cd bradlug.github.io/
bundle.ruby2.1 exec rake preview

to create the local repository and allow its contents to be viewed by entering in a browser.

Alice then helped John to modify the last meeting notes on the website to remove the surplus lines created during the transfer from the old site and create the report of the March meeting in 2017-03-19-march-13-2017-farewell-to-stephane-meet.markdown which can be used as a template for future posts. (As John had prepared the notes in HTML, it was noted that HTML in Markdown has to be continuous with no spaces or carriage returns.)

Thereafter, it was a matter of issuing the commands to add the March meeting notes to the local repository and then commit them to John’s Github repository before going online to merge them.

Alice drew people’s attention to the Leeds Digital Festival which is taking place between and .