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2015 Christmas Quiz Answers

Posted on January 14, 2016
( 2 minute read )
  1. From which operating system did Linus Torvalds draw inspiration for Linux? Minix

  2. Which was the first recognisable Linux Distribution? Softlanding Linux System [the Manchester distribution is an alternative answer]

  3. For which chip did Linus Torvalds write a port which prompted him to rewrite many aspects of the kernel so that it became chip agnostic? DEC Alpha

  4. What is the origin of My in mysql and Maria in mariadb? They are both daughters of Monty Widenius, a lead developer of both programs

  5. What links Matthias Ettrich and Miguel de Icaza? They both started desktop programs for Linux (KDE and GNOME respectively)

  6. What does GIMP stand for? GNU Image Manipulation Program

  7. What is the meaning of the Bantu term Ubuntu? humanity, human kindness, human connectness

  8. Which desktop environment was developed specially for the Linux Mint distribution? Cinnamon

  9. Which companies collaborated to produce the version of HTML released in 2011 and often called HTML5? Apple, Mozilla and Opera

  10. After which historical figure is e Bluetooth communication protocol named? Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark, c. 1,000 AD

  11. What do the initials TOR stand for? The Onion Router

  12. Android uses a Linux kernel but does not use the GNU utilities. In what language are the Android utilities written? Java

  13. What general term is used to describe databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB? NoSQL

  14. Linus Torvalds has created three programs: the Linux kernel, GIT and which other program? Subsurface

  15. What is the name of the program being developed as an alternative to X Windows? Wayland

  16. What was the original reason for developing the Raspberry Pi? To enable schoolchildren to become proficient in coding before they applied for university computing courses.

  17. Which Japanese company has manufactured most of the Raspberry Pis? Sony

  18. Which is the world’s most widely used database program? SQLite