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September 15 2014: Sixth Birthday, HTML and CSS and British Science Festival

Posted on September 17, 2014
( 3 minute read )

After we had cut the cake John did a review of 2013–2014 suggesting, among other things, that people who had not already done so should take a look at the IT Stuff website.

This led into a discussion of security, passwords and the iCloud breach.

He then presented his annual review of developments in HTML and CSS which is not very much — really only the new <picture> element to provide a similar way of selecting between still image formats and resolutions as the <video> element provides for moving images. Summaries are available of the current HTML, CSS and Javacript recommendations.

This was followed by a discussion of HTML and Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft.

Darren described his experiences at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, among them,

David C reported that the ITStuff group had had a conversation with Georgina Cooke about the National Media Museum event on October 9 making the point that the National Media Museum is very good at using people but not very good at giving something back. It turns out that the October 9 event will be a one-off with no follow-up.