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August 18 2014: Introduction to Linux, A computer called LEO and snooping

Posted on August 20, 2014
( 2 minute read )

John H summarised his experiences of the Linux Foundation LFSx101: Introduction to Linux course.

David C reminded people not to forget that the function keys on their devices sometimes control whether hardware is or is not available for use.

Brian warned people that the permissions relating to SD cards have changed in KitKat.

David C reported that Donna Johnson, Head of Learning and Participation at National Media Museum, has been in touch about doing something at the Media Museum. David had invited her to join us for a pizza before the meeting, at the meeting or in the pub after the meeting to explore ideas.

It was suggested that she might get in touch with Ben Nuttall to talk about his experiences on his USA Tour.

John H did a review of Georgina Ferry‘s book A computer called LEO about how J. Lyons & Co. became involved in the creation of the first business computer.

David S rounded the meeting off with an update on the latest developments in the snooping revelations, including:

In answer to a question, he said that the selection of material to publish had been made by the journalists with some help from Bruce Schneier.