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September 16th 2013 Fifth Birthday, snooping and wearable technology

Posted on September 17, 2013
( 1 minute read )

After we had cut the cake John H did a quick resumé of the events of the past year.

David S showed us that nothing is new in the history of snooping; the Americans have been at it since at least the 1920s and their government agencies are happy to pour money into it whether or not it produces results.

David’s slides are complete with links.

John M described some of his experiences developing wearable technology.

Having invented a ring, he had to reduce the size of the computing hardware to less than one 25th of the size of the prototype and he demonstrated various samples that had been manufactured in the course of this process.

He went on to describe how they had been able to obtain the funding, in part because work in other areas brought them useful contacts, and some of the issues with the materials they had used and the hardware in existing devices.

He rounded off with some of his experiences along the way — did you know that hygrogen peroxide is used to bleach the burns caused to laser cut timber?