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August 19th 2013 Pi PBX, Turing's curse and HTML5 update

Posted on August 20, 2013
( 2 minute read )

Brian told us ‘the things that don’t go into the guides’ as far as using FreePBX on the Raspberry Pi is concerned, including:

These are Brian’s slides.

David S showed us John Graham-Cumming’s Turing’s curse, a brilliant talk from OSCON; here is the link to the slides.

John H summarised the key changes to the HTML5 specification in the past year.

There is an updated summary of HTML5 which omits the Javascript material included in last year’s version. This is now in a separate summary Some_notes_on_Javascript.

David C drew our attention to the following items:

Alice K reminded us that Wuthering Bytes, a weekend festival of technology is happening in Hebden Bridge next month.