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March 28th 2012: Go search

Posted on March 29, 2012
( 1 minute read )

Graham introduced Munzee, a 21st century scavenger hunt; it is similar to geocaching except that one uses a QR code; placing Munzees can overlap with Geocache as long as you get the geocacher’s permission. Munzee can be played individually or in a group. It requires an Android or iPhone with 3G reception. Graham has planted 22 Bradford Monopoly Munzees if you fancy finding them!

David C demonstrated how he had followed up Brian’s instructions at the last meeting to set up a  Squeezebox media server.

Alice introduced HAProxy, the load balancer, which basically takes web traffic and sends it somewhere else. He distributed some papers demonstrating a two server setup and also how you could use it during the transition from one server to another. You install HAProxy on the old server and send the traffic to the new server. You then turn it off after 48 hours when you are clear that all is OK. NB it won’t do SSL; so you have to put that before HAProxy. They have it running behind a NAT.

John H appealed for contribution to five favourites.

David C spoke about Analysis Exchange, a free, open service which will analyse your web traffic and provide a mentor and student to work with you to improve its visibility and your understanding of web analytics.