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31st August 2011 - Darktable, buses, desktops and HTML5

Posted on September 09, 2011
( 1 minute read )

David Spencer presented Darktable, which does similar things to DigiKam, Shotwell and F-Spot but generally does them better. Its key feature is that the original photos remain untouched; instead Darktable manipulates a history stack of changes, including changes to the metadata, which can then be exported elsewhere.

If it knows the lens – which it can detect from the EXIF data – it can do barrel correction. It also applies the transformations in the right order whatever the order they are in the history.

A manual is available from http://api.ge.tt/0/2OZkBP1/2/blob/download

Alice Kaerast demonstrated using the HTML5 geolocation API to show the location of bus stops. The data needed is available but not in consistent formats.

Steve Kerr showed the new Gnome 3 interface

John Hudson shared some notes on HTML5 which he had put together and on which he asked for feedback.

Download: Some notes on HTML5