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February 2011 - IPV6, BGP and BAS

Posted on February 24, 2011
( 1 minute read )

[BAS = Bursting At the Seams]

36 people packed out the meeting last night to hear a really good talk about ‘how your mother will never notice’ as the internet infrastructure makes the switch from IPV4 to IPV6. Andy Davidson of Hurricane Electric gave the talk, and a demo of their IPV6 Tunnel Broker that people can use to try the IPV6 net.

Anyone got any plans to do something locally on World IPV6 Day, 8th June 2011?

Following Andy, Thomas from Exa Networks, flew through a presentation he’s preparing for UKLUG (is that right?) about how to use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for network resilience.

As you well know, I’m only good for a short explanation of what went on, so please feel free to add some comments to this post about stuff I’ve misunderstood, or missed out completely!

Finally, a big thank you to Alice for producing some Moo Cards, which he gave out for the rest of us to pass onto other people as we see fit.