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September 29th 2010: Happy Birthday

Posted on October 07, 2010
( 3 minute read )

The meeting on the 29th gave a chance to look to both the past and the future. See Andrea’s post for the pre-meeting agenda.

Quite a lot of things came out of the meeting, and if thoughts, suggestions and ideas are to be taken forward then people are welcome to get cracking on them.

Attached we have John’s presentation that was amended as the meeting progressed and a PDF of the post-it comments that people made.

Some of the things in the PDF’s are reproduced below. There was discussion on some of the points below, but if anyone would like to follow some of them through (RB may be mounting a coup if anyone is interested!), then posting here, the forum or the mailing list would be good.

Likes (John)

Likes (group)

Dislikes (1)

Dislikes (2)


Meetings (John)

Meetings (group)