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August 25th 2010: HTML 5: The Hype and Some Alternative Realities

Posted on August 27, 2010
( 4 minute read )

David Fisher and Jeff introduced HTML5, saying that it was estimated that HTML5 will only receive full approval in 2022 because W3C standards now require full compliance from two browsers.

The aims of HTML5 were to tackle all the crap people never fixed in the past and to add stuff that is missing. It is not one big thing but lots of features and APIs and many separate specifications. It makes it easy to detect browser support and most things in IE are fixable in JavaScript. It is fully backwards compatible; it handles older browser features sensibly and HTML4 markup is treated sensibly.

Many of the new features are already in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE9, e.g. canvas, video, geolocation, local storage, microdata. It’s here for good, XHTML2 was killed in October 2009.

New markup
New functionality


HTML page: n.b. to remove a whole page: take out <article>…</article>

In use
Other new features

All browsers will handle rubbish consistently.

Useful websites: Wikipedia on HTML5 and CSS, Living Validator, Dive into HTML5,