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July 28th 2010: Show and Tell

Posted on July 29, 2010
( 2 minute read )

No. Attending: 19

No formal speaker this month, so those with something to show, got up and told…

Command Line Animation Martyn showed a presentation he’d recently given at a barcamp on using the command line to build an animation. Why?…because it was there! ‘You can’t do animation on Linux, it’s all command line stuff’ - of course you can, and there are a number of graphical interfaces to help you do so, but a challenge is a challenge…

Hopefully we’ll get a copy of the presentation.

Router Question I missed the actual question about  the router and firewall stuff, but the answer seemed to be: pfsense: http://www.pfsense.com/

Jesus Freak as your base on - Netgear 834 (old sky routers), also seemed to be another answer.

**The forum **Andrea has set up a forum for us. Way to go Andrea. It’s at: ** **http://bradlug.proboards.com

Out and about in Bradford Wayne talked us through his (imaginary) day out in Bradford. You had to be there for this one!

SCO update… **David gave us an update on the latest goings on with SCO - best to visit his sites to follow it all through. Some very interesting snippets about the basis for litigation (4 line posts on message boards!) **

Picture Competition The eagerly awaited competion was won by David (fix!) with Wayne second (fix!). Thanks to Mike who donated the Linux flavoured prizes. All entries will be up on the site soon!

European PyCon Bernie talked about his visit to the recent European Python Conference. He demoed what he’d learnt in one of the gaming workshops - Asteroids! Didn’t look like much code to make Asteriods from what I could see.

Top 10 Open Source/FOSS applications John kicked off the discussion, which will hopefully run on the new forum. We’re looking to make recommendations to people working in the voluntary and community sector to inspire them to give something new a try…