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May 2010: Law, Open-Source, Linux

Posted on May 27, 2010
( 1 minute read )

No. Attending: 19

We had David Forbes giving us  the main talk of the evening: Law, Open-Source, Linux.

In (very) brief: David put technology into sides -the Force and the Darkside

The Force covered much on bringing technology to all people. He spent some time talking about making the web accessible - with reference to a case study of a blind person.

The Dark side focused on licences, copyright, and how people fall foul of these legal instruments. He covered the SCO claims around Linux needing to be licensed to them. Summed up by “Establishing provenance is a about documentation”

Other Business Wayne explained that the website move to new hosting had resulted in some lost files, plans are under way to get the site back to some sort of glory! You can help by editing the wiki doc on the redevelopment at: http://bluwiki.com/go/Bradlug.co.uk

Bike Techies David has another hair brained scheme to get Bradford’s Cycling organisations working on the web. If you’d like to help then get in touch with him: d.carpenter[at]virgin.net At the moment he needs wordpress monkeys to add data to wordpress.com sites.

Sponsor Thanks to Bernie and Skipole Networks for sponsoring the meeting.

**Next Meeting **We will be having a talk from someone who publishes their own web comic using open source tools only.