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September 30th 2009 Show and tell

Posted on October 02, 2009
( 1 minute read )

John demonstrated Xfig which provoked some interest but also dislike of the interface.

Mike talked about FreeSWITCH, a rewrite of the Asterisk code which, when combined with a billing package, can provide an alternative. Currently people are restricted to Skype and Gizmo [no longer available] as there aren’t many subscribers to open systems or gateways between the different providers.

David S demonstrated the use of Google Earth plus various open source components in mapping a bog on Ilkley Moor using geophysics.

Richard mentioned the issues raised by the Microsoft code donation and the CyanogenMod episode with Android.

David C talked about the Birmingham City Council website developed by Capita and his own efforts to promote a site for cycling enthusiasts and how easy it was to get something up.

Martyn talked about a portal site for drama groups that he had developed.

We agreed on the dates of next year’s meetings.