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May 27th 2009 Digital photography

Posted on May 30, 2009
( 7 minute read )

David S gave a gave a full length presentation on Digital photography: the free software perspective.

He started by pointing out that:

It has become a democratised art where the only limit is your imagination. For example, Panoramio can compute control points on ’photos to create a panorama around several people’s personal ’photos. This conflicts with the old publishers approach.

Now you can take a ’photo with your ’phone which makes them spontaneous and ephemeral, especially when your ’phone gets stolen and save it


which turns a computer into a media hub unaffected by developments such as the cloud.

Image managers

Organising may be:


There are also specialised sites; choose the site that suits you; for example, flickr has local Bradford forums. Use geotagged ’photos for geotagged sites. For uploading ’photos Pixelpipe [no longer available] is very good

Understanding image capture

Image capture faults include:

Exposure is controlled by:

Because JPEG has lossy compression, the quality settings on cameras (resolution, colour balance, saturation and contract and sharpness) and are all about JPEG — always use the highest quality.


Use curves and histograms to compensate for under/overexposure; a posterised image needs a RAW image; always consider perspective.

Specialised tools

David then listed the other topics one might cover and gave examples of a wide range of photographs which had been manipulated in one way or another. He argued that this had led to democratisation in that:

We have lost