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November 26th 2008 Cycle of change, desktops and a meeting place

Posted on November 28, 2008
( 1 minute read )

David C welcomed people to the meeting and shared the [Cycle of Change].

Initially this had been used in relation to smoking, the argument being that different interventions are appropriate to different stages:

This led into a lively discussion and a sharing of experiences in relation to Windows users.

Wayne shared his experiences of ‘Getting giddy with the GUI.’ He has been using Linux for 15 years and has not used Windows for five years except to test things.

John H shared his experiences of the KDE3 desktop.

The group then agreed to continue meeting in the Mabel Booth Room of Bradford Community and Voluntary Service with individuals agreeing to sponsor each event to cover the fee from January 2009.

Mike gave an update on the business support project.