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October 29th 2008 A meeting place and what we should do

Posted on October 31, 2008
( 2 minute read )

David C welcomed people to the meeting noting that people continue to sign up; there are now about 30 people on the list. The monthly meeting on a Wednesday had ten people at its last meeting; the Friday pub meeting had six.

The group now has an irc channel, a wiki, a website, a members page and a Facebook group through which people can communicate.

Bradford College, which owns the building, has asked for £56 to hire the room; various alternatives were discussed including affiliating to the university students’ union, making a link with lifelong learning, finding a room at a public library and finding a room at a pub.

Among the themes and topics for the group are:

There was an interesting discussion on the value of GPG keys; it was agreed that this should be a topic for a future meeting.