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February 29th 2012

Posted on March 02, 2012
( 1 minute read )

On the day the Rapberry Pi people made a big announcement, BradLUGers met up to discuss: Media servers,cheap android tablets, the Raspberry Pi, Scratch, Big Buck Bunny, WPA security, the Epson hx-20, and much, much, more.

Brian gave  a demo of how he has Squeezebox media server running, with SoftSqueeze as a receiver, and the Logitech android app working as a remote control. Nice!

We watched this video about the Raspberry Pi, and made wild guestimates about when someone might actually get their hands on one.

David demoed Scratch from MIT, a software package that encourages children to start programming. We also took a brief look at Big Buck Bunny a ‘dreamworks style’ animation made using open source tools and licensed using creative commons.

T’other David then talked us through the recent vulnerabilities found in the WiFi Protected Setup wireless security set up on some routers, and the software that has been released to exploit it.