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Feb meeting

Posted on February 11, 2011
( 1 minute read )

This months meeting we will be welcoming Andy Davidson Of Hurricane Electric to the LUG to give us all a primer on IPv6 and also for those of us that want to a practical example of what its all about. This kind of goes without saying but if you want to get the most out of it you might want to bring a laptop!

Also is month we will be trying another new format, three twenty min segments. One of these will be Andy as I’ve already mentioned. The other two… Well that’s up to you. The practical session will take place during one of the other segments unless you guys decide otherwise.

What’s the reasoning behind the changes of late. Well we are trying to find a format that everyone is comfortable with one that means we have a couple of topics for the evening so if your not interested in one topic then well hopefully someone else will only be a short wait away. We will try and stay off of likening issues for at least a month or two:)

Please If you do have feedback or input on how you think a new format might work do tell us, the lug is ours by us for us so come on get involved and let’s make it better for us all!