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September 29th 2010 - Our 2nd Birthday!

Posted on September 27, 2010
( 1 minute read )

It seems that, like certain members of British royalty, we have 2 birthdays, and it was agreed that our ‘official’ celebrations would take place in September! There are rumours of a birthday cake. It is not yet confirmed whether the cake is a lie.

The topic for the meeting this month is, erm, the meetings:

The idea of this month’s meeting is to have a show-and-tell type session, but if there’s anything particular you’d like to raise, post it to the mailing list. Otherwise come along to the meeting with your ideas.

There will of course be the usual time for announcements, product of the month etc!

Pre-Meeting Socialness

Pre-meeting food and drink/social-type activities will be as usual: 4.30pm onwards - drinks in Caffe Nero, Market St, Bradford 6.00pm onwards - food at Pizza Pieces, Market St, Bradford

If you’ve never come along to the social before, we’d love to see you! There will be a penguin on the table so you can find us easily.