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August 25th: HTML5

Posted on August 17, 2010
( 1 minute read )

HTML 5: The Hype and Some Alternative Realities - Dave Fisher

What’s Actually New in HTML and What Isn’t in it at all

Unsurprisingly, they often got the wrong end of the stick; misled by corporate PR hyping browser and platform capabilities with only indirect relationships to HTML5.

As a consequence, both end-users and coders may be forgiven for conflating clever graphical tricks in CSS3 and JavaScript with HTML5. As may the multimedia professionals who mistakenly believe that HTML5 is some kind of H.264-based Flash-killer.

This talk attempts to clarify what HTML5 actually aims to do, what browsers can currently do with it, and what a wider range of software could potentially do with it.

The talk will identify the evolutionary and revolutionary differences between HTML5 and the current standards for HTML and XHTML. In so doing, it should enable both web developers and open source advocates to get a better grasp of the decisions and conflicts that lie before them.