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July Meeting this week!

Posted on July 25, 2010
( 3 minute read )

Hey folks,

This month we don’t have any formal speakers lined up so if you have something you would like to share or show the group great! Bring it along for a show and tell. I think a few of us have a couple of little things to share which might be of interest to some of you but if someone would like to give a short talk too great. Also lets not forget our Top Ten open/free applications and also the Photo competition (for which we will have prizes so I’m told!).

It’s that time of month again. It’s the LUG on Wednesday at the usual place (Bradford CVS, at the usual time. See the website for details). It’s come to my attention that not everyone is aware and may have felt a little left out by not knowing that generally before the LUG people meet up for coffee and pizza. If you are around and would like to join in then please feel free to come along and have a chat. What generally happens is: Between 1700 and 1730 we meet at Cafe Nero on Market Street in Bradford (Caffe Nero, 24 Market St, Bradford BD1 1LH, United Kingdom), On the table with be a Plush tux. Yes you can’t actually miss us:) I’m usually around around there from 1630 onwards sat in the far right hand corner hogging tables. After a quick coffee and a chat we move on down the road to Pizza Pieces (Pizza Pieces,16 Market Street, Bradford BD1 1LH, United Kingdom) for a byte to eat (pun intended) before heading over to the meeting. I hope that clears up any ambiguity about where and when things happen Pre LUG. If anyone is still unsure as to where and when people will be around then feel free to drop me a line with old fashioned email, or follow me on twitter/latitude/foursqure/identi.ca etc and you will be able to easily see where we are on LUG nights and join in the fun! Feel free to get in touch with myself (Wayne) or Dave C, Dick, Andrea, anyone really if your not comfortable just appearing at the meetings alone if this is your first time or your not a naturally out going type of person all are welcome.

Just as a side note to this we do have women members so if any women are out there and are holding off coming along to a meeting for fear of been the only women please don’t. I’m sure one of the other women would be happy to introduce you to the group or meet you before hand.

I’ll be seeing you all on Wednesday

Cheers Wayne