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Bradford GNU/Linux User Group (Bradford LUG or BradLUG) is a self-help group for GNU/Linux, Free and Open Source Software users in the Bradford District.

Our meetings involve talks and demonstrations on a wide varity of topics, usually something technical, helping people with their computing problems, or discuss and debate issues around technology in society.

We communicate outside of those meetings using a mailing list and this website.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.


We’re an informal group that has no funds, and no formal structure. Everyone who contributes to the group, does so in their free time.

We talk about ‘members’ and, while there is no formal means of membership or membership rights, we consider these to be anyone that has joined the mailing list or who has attended a meeting.

Over time individuals have taken on roles within the group as volunteers to help things happen. If you have a question about the following, these are the people to address your questions to.

Our monthly meeting room comes courtesy of Bradford Community Broadcasting, for which we give a donation gathered from people that attend the meeting.


Bradford GNU/Linux User Group began in June 2008, with a post to the WYLUG list to see if there was any interest in starting a Bradford Group. This resulted in a meeting one Friday (in a pub in Bingley) just to get some people together. 5 people turned up and that was good enough to try again, this time on a Wednesday, in the centre of Bradford. We had 3 people and one apology - it wasn’t looking good…

3 of us also went to the WYLUG meeting in July to get some tips.

The next attempt (a Wednesday in September) attracted 10 people, and BradLUG was born.

We now meet on the second Tuesday of the month at Bradford Community Broadcasting. UK Linux User Groups give us a mailing list, and a few of the members got together to get this website up.

Lots of people help out in various ways to keep the group going. Some people donate time and/or resources, others very kindly pay for the hire of the meeting room.

A big thank you to all of them!

Over the years various people have provided financial support to the group (mainly to cover room hire costs).