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We have a formal meeting once a month which tends to revolve around talks by members on a wide range of topics. Details of past meetings, including notes and links, can be found in previous posts.

Formal meetings take place on the second Monday of the month in the Bradford CVS Mabel Booth room, with people arriving from 7:00 PM onwards. The meeting room is provided for free by Bradford CVS (thank you!), but we will pass on any donation you may like to make to them (suggested donation £2 per meeting).

All the dates are in our calendar.

Photo credits: Nick Rhodes and John Hudson

Speak Up
If you would like to give a talk or demonstration, please drop us a line! Talks and Demonstrations can take on almost any format from show and tell to a more formal presentation. We would love to hear about what projects people are hacking on.

We would also like to hear about anything to do with the Open source/Free software movement so please, if you have talks or lectures you would like to give to the group, do get in touch!

Get in touch about a talk: Contact us

PreLUG Food
Usually before the meetings, a group of us generally gather from around 6.00 pm onwards in Pizza Pieces on Market Street for the traditional PreLUG pizza or Pasta.

If you would like to come along and meet some of us before the meeting or if you are new to the group, do drop us an email and usually someone will be more than happy to meet and introduce you to the others as and when they appear.

Our Meetings are held in the Mabel Booth Room of Bradford Community and Voluntary Service (CVS). The room is equipped with a projector which takes VGA and HDMI inputs.

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